Four Hour Body Supplements

The Four Hour Body – X Factor

Tim Ferriss has taken us inside his inner “body” version of “Project Mayhem” testing all manner of supplements, additives, condiments & chemicals to crack the code that will promote weight loss. He has given us the diet & the exercise regime but now we come to the “4HB”‘s “x” factor which accentuates the impact of the other two components. Before showcasing his discoveries I strongly advise you consider the intended affects & side effects that could result from utilising the “x” items with reference to any medications you are taking & your own personal body chemistry. Simply consult with your family doctor to find out what is suitable for you before experimenting.

PAGG Theory

PAGG is an acronym encompassing the following components, Policosanol, Alpha Lipoic Acids, green tea flavonols & garlic extract. Ferris’s exhaustive research has seen him nominate this awesome foursome as the daily supplement that provides the most powerful impetus to chemically alter the way the body processes food. Policosanol is often derived from sugar cane & is a plant wax extract that promotes fat loss. It can also be used in conjunction with chromium polynicotinate & slow release niacin to mitigate cholesterol.

Alpha Lipoic Acids are a robust anti oxidant that facilitates carbohydrates being stored in muscles & the liver but not in fat tissues. It also helps regenerate the body’s intracellular glutathione levels which is a crucial anti oxidant (found in small amounts in broccoli & spinach) & ALA’s also promote increases in the body’s vitamin C & E stores. Epigallocatechin Gallate (ECGG) is a complex name for a soluble compound present in green teas that has a two pronged diet effect. It kills off mature fat cells & diverts excess carbs to muscle cells as opposed to storing them as body fat. In addition this very valuable compound is said to promote anti aging & inhibit the development of cancer cells. Decaffeinated green tea extract pills are the recommended method of ingesting this additive. Garlic contains excessive amounts of an element called allicin which is an excellent agent for preventing the body regaining fat.

You can use garlic in the food or tablet form & it also will be a worthy ally in managing cholesterol. So these are the big 4 “x” items of the “Four Hour Body” regime, there are many others but used in a concentrated combination six days a week (one week off every two months) these “chemical agents” will “hack” the body (reduce insulin production) & augment all your other initiatives to achieve the desired results. The book gives you a full outline of how much and when to consume them but essentially it is AGG prior to ever meal (No Policosanol) & PAG prior to bed (No green tea supplements).

A Spoonful Of Vinegar (Or Cinnamon) Makes The Sugar Go Down

The two most prominent action agents amongst simple food stuffs are freshly squeezed lemon juice & cinnamon. Both these condiments have been proven to blunt the GI jump when consuming foods & slow the rate of food processing. Lemon juice does this by up to 10% & cinnamon by as much as 29%. The net result of this is crucial & obvious, less insulin in your system means less carbs stored as fat. The suggested dosage is 3.5 teaspoons of lemon juice or 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon before consuming a meal. It has been said that all types of vinegar have a similar impact but Ferris found no evidence of this in his experiments.

Tummy Flora

The quality of our stomach bacteria has a very strong effect on how our body processes food which in turn impacts insulin production & weight gain. Fermented foods are a necessity to maintain the growth of our “gut flora” so generous consumption of sauerkraut, fermented fish, kefir (goat or cow’s milk with good bacteria added) kimchi (a fermented Korean pickle made of cabbage, horseradish etc) & Asian Kombucha tea (a hybrid of yeast & bacteria) are essential.

Prebiotics are substances such as Inulin (a natural plant based carbohydrate) that promote the health growth of tummy bacteria.

Probiotics are the actual live bacteria themselves which are contained in certain yogurts or supplements. Consumption of both “biotics” will go a long way towards healthy digestion.

Prospecting For Minerals

The “4HB” recommends that you supplement your diet with liberal doses of Potassium, Calcium & Magnesium which all perform crucial roles in maintaining the body’s optimum health. Given they are electrolytes they are critical in ensuring the body’s cells can transport material or messages from cell to cell so the body can function so these are the sort of mineral capsules that are on your shopping list.

Tasty Morsels

• If you are really craving food have a teaspoon of almond butter or pure peanut butter & this will suppress your hunger & promote sleep.

• Use vanilla or cinnamon as coffee / tea sweetener never sugar.

• Eating slowly minimizes GI spikes, take 30 minutes to consume each meal.

• Eating lots of fat with each meal also minimizes GI spikes.

• Chinese Pu-erh tea is a fermented tea that claims it can metabolise what you eat if consumed an hour after every meal.

• Naringenin is a chemical in grapefruit that is said to promote weight loss by sending metabolism into overdrive. Research suggests you need up to 8 glasses to get the impact so I’d be searching for an equivalent supplement. And be very careful of the impact of grapefruit on any other medications you are taking.

• Quinoa is a South American grain that has properties of a vegetable. It measures low on the GI, is high in protein, fibre & vitamins so it “fills you up” but is low in calorie content.

• On your “binge day” you can reduce the calorie carnage by consuming espresso coffee or yerba tea which will ensure the food passes through your system quickly so as not to absorb the maximum nutrients.

• After the “binge day” you may use the equivalent to the “morning after” pill namely Cissus Quadrangularis which is an ancient native Indian plant (related to grape) that has been used for centuries to stop unwanted fat gain. You can get it in a capsule form.

• Ice baths & cold showers are also a very effective weight lose tool. When confronted with severe cold your body burns fat & glucose to generate heat through shivering. Regular “arctic” torture might not be appealing but the evidence is overwhelming. Daily icy exposure of up to 30 minutes will help you lose weight.

• DANGEROUS but effective. The ECA regime is the cocktail of ephedrine hydrochloride (traditionally an asthma treatment), caffeine & aspirin taken daily that is a proven weight loss method (appetite supressent) used by weight lifters but it can result in very bad headaches along with other serious side effects. I’d give this one a wide berth & leave it to the “heavy metal” gym crew.

Better Living Through Chemistry

The extensive research that is an intrinsic & valuable part of the “4HB” is a crucial jigsaw piece in the weight loss puzzle. But I reiterate that you should scrutinise what is best for YOUR body because losing a few kilograms is not worth risking your health for. Notwithstanding this Ferriss has “hacked” the chemistry of the human body to perfection and has come up with some invaluable discoveries that may well form the bedrock of weight loss programmes in future generations. These revelations demand your consideration.

Precautions Before Taking Any Body Supplements

Earlier it used to be the women who used to try to look good but now the situation has just reversed. Today it is the male class who are in queue to look good and Bodybuilding is the new mantra of the present time. Almost every youth is mad about it because there is a range of reasons for every person who goes to gym. Some go to the gym to reduce their weight and they constitute the biggest class of all the bodybuilders. The second group is of those who go to the gym purely for the reason of staying fit and their desire is never to build muscles like Arnold.

All they want is to remain within the limit and be fit and then there is the third class, which constitutes those people who are simply there to build their muscles in as much amount as possible. They want to have muscles like Arnold and they are the people who are targeted by the companies to sell their Bodybuilding Supplements. The prices of these bodybuilding supplements vary but there are certain precautions, which should be exercised at all cost.

The first precaution, which should be practiced, is to never buy any body supplement on your own. This could be dangerous and in some circumstances this could be lethal as well. These things are dangerous and the second advice is consulting your physician before going for any type of body supplements.

This does not mean that your gym instructor is enough for this purpose as they will push you to buy any supplement because they will make money in the process. Hence their advice is important but they are not sufficient to go for any new body supplement. Besides, your physician knows more about your body than any body else. Hence he/she will be in a better position to tell you that what is suitable for you and what is not suitable for you so in any case, you should consult your physician.

The next thing is the kind of information you need to have before calling the shot. It will help you in the long run. There are a number of benefits of body supplements but there are many bad effects too, if you are not taking the correct body supplement. If you will remain knowledgeable enough then it would be difficult for anyone to fool you by giving you suggestions about bad products. You should also consult your mates who have taken similar products and you need to see what their views are about the matter. If they agree that it is good then you should buy it.

Using a Body Supplement For an Added Health Boost

Sometimes your body needs that little extra health boost to keep it in tip-top shape. A body supplement may be just the thing you need to do that. Health Natural nutritional supplements are a great way to boost your overall health and help recover and prevent many conditions and diseases.

Our body produces all the chemicals that we need to be healthy and have a balanced chemical makeup. In fact, the human body, in its ideal state, is perfectly capable of fighting off disease, preventing many conditions and healing from injury, stress and disease. The problem is that in today’s society and with today’s diet, most of us are not getting the proper nutrients for optimum health. These deficiencies leave our bodies unable to work at full capacity and unable to do what they need to do to keep us healthy and so, we get sick.

It seems everyone wants a cure for the many treatments and conditions that ail us and there are plenty of options. There are many types of health products and food supplements out there and the current market for nutritional supplements online is huge. The problem is that many vitamins and supplements do not contain the right natural balance of chemicals to mimic what the body does naturally. These products are either not properly absorbed by the body or they create a dependency and a need for a never-ending cycle of supplements.

It’s similar to the same problem with prescription medications. While medical science has come a long way and we even have prescription meds that can simulate what the body does naturally, there are still many faults. This is what causes unwanted side effects, drug interactions, allergies, dependencies and other problems with prescription drugs.

Instead you need a body supplement that is as natural as possible. You need a nutritional health supplement that gets to the root of the problem and helps your body at its core – not one that just masks symptoms. Health products and whole food supplements should work with your body to help it achieve what it’s already trying to do anyway.

Do you know about Bodywise Nutritional or what bulk amino acids to buy? Do you know which health products and whole food supplements work with your body to encourage it to do what it already has the ability to do? Sometimes all the human body needs is a little bit of help, a little added boost and then the rest is taken care of for us.

Did you also know that your mind plays a big role in your recovery and your overall health? Using a body supplement as an added health boost in addition to forming a healthy mindset can be the keys you need to achieve optimum health. Many examples have proven that the mind is even stronger than the body at times and willpower and positive thinking can help encourage a person’s body through disease, infection, accident, birth defects and other physical ordeals. What most people don’t realize is that this works on a smaller level as well and on a daily basis. The better your frame of mind, the healthier you will be. The depressed person will catch a cold easier than the happy person. Mental disease can make people more prone to physical diseases. In addition to natural, healthy supplements, you should take time to empower your mind and spirit to create a healthier you – both inside and out.

How a Body Supplement or Health Nutritional Supplements Can Change Your Life

Did you know that a body supplement or health nutritional supplements can change your life? Most people have heard of supplements and dietary aids even if they have never yet used them themselves. They are talked about on TV, on the internet, the radio and even on the news and in magazines. The problem is that with so many different types out there, it’s hard to know what is okay to take and what is not. It is also hard to distinguish between what is a valid product and what is a useless scam. It is also hard to know what type you should take and what effect it will have on your body.

You should know that what you ingest into your body plays a big role in how you feel and how your body responds to disease and infection. Before you can understand whether or not you need a body supplement you need to understand the current market for nutritional supplements online today as well as some information about health products whole food supplements. There are so many companies out there making your promises and offering you products that you must take the time to learn about the company and what the product actually does.

Have you ever been to a health products supplements store? Do you know which bulk amino acids to buy? Do you know how your body is benefited from these supplements? Due to the lifestyles we live and the foods we eat today, we often do not have the proper nutrients our bodies need to remain healthy. Taking health supplements can help add to your body what is loses due to lifestyle and diet so that you remain as healthy as possible.

How can a body supplement change your life? Well, they have been known to help treat many common conditions and diseases that are leading you to have an uncomfortable or even painful life. They can also give you more energy and vitality so that you feel better throughout your daily activities. Health nutritional supplements can help you with insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue, colds and flu and much more.

Freeing up your mind will also play a big role in how you feel and how your body responds to nutritional supplements. There is great power in the human mind and many people do not realize its true potential. When you have a healthy mental state, your body will naturally be healthier. You will feel better, look better and be better able to fight off disease and infection. When you have a positive attitude and a great emotional state, it will also increase the effect of the supplements you are already taking so you get the maximum benefit from them.

Would not you like to improve your life? Would you like to receive empowerment and take a stand for your health? The key to this is realizing that the answer to your medical problem lies within yourself. Sometimes you just need a bit of help to get your body going at what it does naturally – and this is what a supplement can do for you.

A Bodywise Nutritional Buy can offer you a great supplement that enhances your health and performance. If you are a person who enjoys fitness or has a very physical lifestyle, you can benefit from physical education supplements and other body supplements. Every day we put such a stress and strain on our bodies, is not it time to give something back?

Your Own Natural Body Supplement

Did you know that your body actually contains everything you need to get and remain healthy? That’s right; in ideal conditions you don’t need health nutritional supplements. Your body will do everything for you properly so that you can remain healthy for a long, active lifespan. The problem is that most people today do not meet the ideal requirements for a healthy body and mind. There are so many different things going on in our lives and we often forget how our actions affect our natural body responses. The foods we consume affect how our body responds to stimuli in the environment. The food we eat also directly relates to how we feel on a daily basis.

Health products whole food supplements and health nutritional supplements are a great way to boost your body’s own natural defenses against disease and infection. You can create a healthier body and lifestyle for yourself with the aid of supplements. Certain supplements are being used for many different things such as to treat colds and flu and build the body’s natural immune system to be better able to fight off these conditions. It is also proven helpful for treating AIDS and HIV symptoms and even insomnia. Supplements have proven helpful in people with addictions and treating symptoms of addition and withdrawal symptoms. They can help improve brain function and much more.

Where can you find these supplements? There is a current market for nutritional supplements online and many people are buying and selling them from the internet. You can also find supplements sold locally in health food stores, department stores and much more. However, before you just buy supplements from these locations (especially online) you need to know what you are buying and who you are buying it from. Don’t just trust anything that says “natural”. Make sure you know about the company and what goes into their supplements.

Why do supplements work? They body supplements can help you by giving your body’s natural systems an extra added boost to help it do what it would typically do anyway. You body has amazing capabilities and when you provide it with a little extra help, it can work even better. You can give your body added nutrients that it needs to keep you healthy and to fight off disease and infection. You can combine this with regular healthy exercise and a proper diet as well as staying as stress free as possible and your body will do the rest for you. The more you take care of your body, the better it will be at staying strong for you.

Remember that your state of mind can also play a big role in how you think and feel. If you want to get the most from your body’s own natural supplements, you can take additional supplements to help but you should also have a great attitude. Try to stay positive and mentally healthy so that your body has the best chance possible to do what it already knows to do naturally. There are steps you can take to reduce the stress in your life and also to help you deal with the stress. This is very important because it helps keep your mind free and clear so that it can function well and keep your body healthy also.

Always remember the importance of your own body supplement and the importance of taking care of your mind and body together as a jointed unit. When you do this, you will feel better, look better and enjoy a healthier, longer life.